Because We Are Diverse – A Presentation

Because We Are Diverse TitleSo in December last year I did a presentation on the Because We Are Diverse project. It lasted for about 30 mins and briefly covered everything I had learned over the past year. From the very amazing talents of Bunny Bennett, Joseph Harwood and Robyn Archer to Marriage Equality, homophobia, transgenderism and the many identities there are. The presentation required me to be quite personal and honest about my experiences, something I was incredibly nervous to do in front of family, friends, peers and teachers. I hadn’t revealed much of what was said to them before. In the end it turns out that I shouldn’t have worried. The audience were so open minded and recipient to all the issues and ideas I presented. You can probably see me lose my head at the end when I realised the audience were giving me a standing ovation. The support for this project was overwhelming (as I’ve already said a dozen times) and I could not have asked for a better response. Truly can’t believe it. Thank you to all who follow this blog and the project. You. Are. Amazing. Xx

There is a thesis documenting all the events and research activities as well as the results available for reading so contact me at if you want a look. Be warned, it’s long!

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Just To Say Hi

Hi! I am a 17-year-old bisexual girl living in Australia. I will be using this blog as an outlet of all the information I have gathered over the past year on LGBTQ history, issues, my own experiences and just some general musings on the subject. Since coming out, I have been conducting several LGBTQ projects centered around education in my local community as I felt that although attitudes are generally good in Australia, with over 60% of Australians wanting Marriage Equality to be legalized, we still have a bit of the way to go. So join me on my walk and help me navigate my way through this world. Because we are different from the norm, because we are united in our differences, because we are a mixed bag of gender and sexuality. Because we are diverse.

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