Let’s Talk About Your Sexuality…

How can I discuss sexuality without mentioning the Kinsey Scale? The famous Kinsey Scale was formulated by  Alfred Kinsey, an American influential sex researcher in the 40s and 50s. He’s had documentaries, movies, books and all sorts of other things released on the subject of his life and is widely regarded as the first major figure in American sexology. Through his research of human sexualitysexual encounters, behaviours and fantasies – he came to the conclusion that rather than stiff boxes and clear lines, sexuality was more of a spectrum ranging from exclusively heterosexual to exclusively homosexual. Importantly, Kinsey found that it was very rare that anyone be exclusively heterosexual or homosexual, rather the majority of people sat somewhere along the spectrum. The spectrum runs from the number 0 (being exclusively heterosexual) to 6 (being exclusively homosexual) with an X to represent asexuality. A bisexual person would sit around the number 3.

The Kinsey Scale

The Kinsey Scale

Now I’d like to ask you all a favour. Take the Kinsey Scale Test online and let me know where you sit on the scale on the poll below. Who knows, you may even discover something about your sexuality you didn’t know. Take the test here: http://www.youngsouthampton.org/children-and-young-people/advice/relationships/sexuality/multidimensional-scale-of-sexuality-quiz.aspx


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Hank Green Explains It All

I found this video a little while ago. It has become my go-to video when some explanations about human identity are needed. It really expresses the spectrum of human relationships and identity showing that there really are no definitive boxes – an issue that was strongly expressed at the LGBTQ World Cafe event (more on this to come). This is where the ignorance breeds from – failing to understand that sex, gender, sexuality and behaviour are all entirely separate things and do not have to be connected in any way. In any way. A word of advice: even if you think that you have a solid grasp of the differences between identity, gender and behavior, give this one a watch. It may bring up a few points you’ve never considered. Certainly brought up a few for me.

Can I just say, I love Hank Green for this. Good old vlogbrothers.