The End of The Year Thank Yous

1456688_669560679742155_231533512_nSo it’s been a whirlpool of events this year and now the project Because We Are Diverse has officially reached the end of it’s school life now that I’m leaving the school that supported the project. But there is no way it’s stopping with the amount of support it has received from everyone! The blog and the project will continue so please stay tuned!

Now I’d like to say a heart felt thank you to all those who aided me in the project and gave their support. I had people out of the blue message me to tell me that they support the project. The willingness of people to help and propel the project forward was unexpected. People dedicated valuable time and effort to help. Through this project I have come to make connections with incredible, amazing people, doing some spectacular things. And I now have so many LGBTQ people I can call friend. So thank you to all those who were involved and who supported it.

There is a thesis documenting all the events and research activities as well as the results available for reading so contact me at if you want a look.

I hope you all have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and I’ll see you all in 2014!!

Much love xx

Thank you to –

The interviewees: Joseph HarwoodBunny Bennett, Libby, Alyce Kirby and Robyn Archer

My supervisor: Jane Watson

My mentor: Cheryl Nekvapil

All Discussion participants at the LGBTQ World Cafe, The Christian Community Equality Conference and the LGBTQ Movie Night (you know who you are)

Tyrell & Jo Kamira for adopting me and being my rainbow family away from home

Paris Wilson for our two hour long chat 

Heidi Yates for offering advice

Daniel Berger-Alexander for filming the LGBTQ World Cafe event.

All organisations: Diversity Act AIDS Action Council of the ACT BitBentSpringOut Friday Night Lip Service Fuse Mag A Gender A Genda QRadio Canberra Carmen Rupe Memorial Trust PFLAG Capital Region supporting and promoting the project and blog.

Stars of Hope for sponsoring the LGBTQ World Cafe event and for their continuous support throughout the year.

Tranz Australia & Adrian Brown for supporting me and welcoming me into the rainbow family 



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